Peepaw’s 92nd Birthday and Goodbye Party

Last weekend Trey and I met my parents in Sweetwater to help out with taking care of Peepaw. He had been in the hospital for about 10 days, was turning 92, and my parents were taking him back north with them so that he could be in an assisted living group home near them. With his weakened physical and mental state, the nine hour drives from Virginia were becoming too frequent and too grueling for my parents and brother.

Having just been released from the hospital and with who knows how much medication in his system, he wasn’t very responsive during the short time we had with him. You’ll notice in the video below that he seems pretty distant and tired.

Back in Macon, Trey recently asked me if Peepaw was dead yet. I replied with “No, did you think he was?” Trey replied with an observation that was impressive for his age, “No, but he’s really old and misses Grammaw. I think he wants to go to heaven.”