The Boy in the Blue Blazer

Last week we took these photos of Trey after church. He was wearing a blue blazer I used to wear at the same age. The two portraits I have of myself in the blazer were taking in France in early 1986 after my brother was born. I was just about 3-4 months older than Trey is now.

The big question is: who looks better?

…and yes, I get bonus points for the shag rug in my portrait.

5 thoughts on “The Boy in the Blue Blazer

  1. Alan

    Dear William of Wildwood, Yes you receive bonus points for the shag rug, however Young Trey gets the nod as who looks the best. His hair is more casual and reflects the style of a young male versus the polished look you display which was most likely a reflection of parental influence. Way back then, and I can speak with authority the model child’s picture required that everything had to be in place. The new mantra of taking the picture and letting the subject reflect their personality wins every time. Sorry, William of Wildwood, but Trey takes the prize in this family friendly competition.

  2. Tyler

    Yes, I definitely agree with Alan. Trey all the way. Don’t get me wrong, the silver shag is incredibly cool, and you are rocking some slick shoes…

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