2011 Mabel White Preschool Christmas Program

On Monday, Trey’s school held their annual Christmas program. This year it was more involved than the usual carol singing. It was a full on play in which pretty much every kindergarten kid had a couple lines to recite.

Trey’s lines were both in regards to a Christmas tree at the center of the production’s plot:

“Maybe we can decorate it with Spiderman.”

“I don’t think that captures the modern spirit.”

During their weeks of rehearsals Trey’s teacher had told us they were having a hard time getting him to pay attention and participate. We tried to encourage (and discipline) him into better cooperation during practice. However, after Heidi and I saw the play, we determined he was just bored. Singing hasn’t been a big interest of his and the long periods of dialogue in the play where he had to just sit there had him pretty disinterested. I kind of feel bad now for giving him a hard time about not paying attention.

When you watch the singing below, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. He really doesn’t seem to thrilled about what’s going on around him and he’s in his own little world entertaining himself.