2011 Bolingbroke Christmas Parade

This past weekend we joined our friends the Crosbys to attend the Bolingbroke Christmas Parade again (we previously went in 2009). Trey and Causey had a good time eating popcorn and watching the homemade floats pass by.

Bolingbroke is a tiny little town just across the county line from Macon’s Bibb County. The parade always ends up having quite an eclectic mix of participants. The usual boyscouts, ROTC, and high school marching band is of course present. You also get costumed members of the 1800s Club, Confederate Civil War re-enactors, a local pet cemetery, and an assortment of local churches (including the white Mt. Zion Baptist Church and the black Mt. Zion Baptist Church – seriously).

The most confusing parade float was a UFO trailer that featured Santa, the Virgin Mary, and Baby Jesus… as aliens. Weird.

1 thought on “2011 Bolingbroke Christmas Parade

  1. Donna Holyko

    “the Martins kidnaped Santa Clause” is the Alien float…..found it kinda’ humorous how you described it……

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