Knee Surgery for Daddy

About three weeks ago I injured my knee while doing a photoshoot for a client. I was squatting to get a shot and when I stood up I twisted my knee. I knew I had torn or seriously sprained/strained something in there.

I stayed off it for a few days and went easy on it for two weeks. It was getting better and I thought I was on the road to recovery. One evening we walked down to the lake and on the way back it started hurting again. Something was tearing inside with each step and it got to where I couldn’t even walk anymore.

The next day I when to OrthoGA’s urgent care and had it checked out. Probably a torn meniscus was the diagnosis. The next day I had an MRI done and it was confirmed. A pretty bad tear too.

TheĀ menisci areĀ ‘semi-lunar’ cartilages that help disperse your body weight when you are moving. Since they are cartilage in the joint, they receive little blood flow and as a result don’t heal very well on their own (if at all). So my only real option was to have surgery to remove the piece that had torn almost completely off.

Yesterday I had the procedure done and it went well. It was my first ever surgical procedure and I had it done at Heidi’s own surgery center (she wasn’t allowed in the OR – and I don’t think she wanted to be in there). I’ve got about 4-6 weeks of rehab but I should be back to 95-99% in a couple months.