The Thundercats’ Tygra Costume

Tygra? Who’s that you ask? A Thundercat, of course! And according to Trey, the coolest one.

When I was growing up I LOVED Thundercats and now Trey is following in my footsteps. We’ve got the 1985 Season One episodes and Trey has been making his way through the vast collection.

You can’t exactly buy a Thundercats costume at Walmart, Target or Party City these days, so we had to go the DIY route. Heidi made Tygra’s whip out of yarn and some styrofoam balls we painted red. I made the Thundercats logo badge and we used some blue PJs that he is about to outgrow as the base of the outfit.

Unfortunately, Heidi was on call all day & night Sunday so I had to apply the face paint myself and take him to our church’s fall festival. I did my best with the red and yellow face paint we had. The final result ended up a bit more red than it should be. Even though it didn’t look spectacular, Trey thought it was the greatest thing ever!

Watch the video below and you’ll see the face painting process and Trey singing the “Fff-undercats” theme song.

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