Trey Gets Some Chickens

A couple weeks ago we acquired a new pet. Six to be exact. It’s been a long time since our family has had a pet and we got these because they are pretty low maintenance and can be quite productive!

Using Craig’s List, I found a family near Macon selling some of their laying hens. Trey and I picked up six – two 15-month-old hens, two 5-month-old hens, and two 2-month-old hens.

We decided to keep things low-budget, so we built their coop under our back deck. Our backyard is fenced in and during the daytime we let them roam around the yard and scratch for bugs.

Trey has enjoyed them thoroughly and named the youngest ones Gobin, Bobin, Sobin, and Nogin. I named the two older ones Lucy & Ethel.

So far only Lucy is giving us a daily egg, but man is it a delicious one! Trey enjoys having an egg for breakfast about every other morning now.

1 thought on “Trey Gets Some Chickens

  1. Lauren

    So glad our littlest one’s name buddy is your hardest worker so far. What an amazing legacy to have, to be able to look up to a chicken. 🙂 This all only begs the age-old question, though: Which came first: the chicken or the baby?

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