Camping & Filming with the Primary Colors

When Kenny came to town a couple weeks ago, our friend Jym made the drive down from north of Atlanta to hang out with us. It had been a good two years since the three of us spent a weekend together. Jym, Kenny, and I were friends in college and collaborated on a lot of art projects; most notably Kenny’s THE PRIMARY COLORS senior show (visit the old web site).

Jym loves masks more than I do and so of course he brought a set of Mexican lucha masks for Trey to wear. Trey loved them and gave them all names. His favorite (which Jym let him keep) was an orange one with a “T” on it. Trey insists the letter stands for the superhero he transforms into when he dons the mask: THUNDERMAN.

Trey and I took them up to some of our favorite spots around Juliette and we camped in the Oconee National Forest. While in the woods of the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge we helped Jym film a segment of a documentary series he’s been working on. I’ll post it when it comes out, it’s pretty sweet.