Learning to Swim

This summer Trey has been taking swim lessons over at Swim Macon. The small class size and great teacher has really helped him learn quickly to swim unassisted.

Luckily, with him we haven’t had the issue of confidence in the water. It’s actually OVER confidence that is the problem. He *thinks* he can swim when he really can’t.

“I can swim underwater. I just don’t swim on top,” is something he often says. Yea, Trey, that’s a big problem. You can breath on top, but not underwater.

His favorite part of the swim lesson is at the end when he gets to jump off the diving board. Video below after the photos.

1 thought on “Learning to Swim

  1. Luke Hutcherson

    I’m glad I found your sites and especially this one of Trey’s birthday. He was in a high chair when I last saw him in Nalerigu. I am the one who was there to install water purifiers.
    Since I met your family, I have been back three times and am making a six person team trip in October. We hope to install five purifiers (depending on donations of course) and plan to spend two weeks.
    Just wanted to say Hi, and hope to cross paths again some day.
    God Bless,

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