Tusks! Mammoths at Macon’s Museum of Arts & Sciences

Our last visit to the Macon Museum of Arts & Sciences was a futuristic one with NASA’s “Driven to Explore” exhibit. This time we headed over to check out the new “TUSKS! Ice Age Mammoths and Mastadons” exhibit.

It took some work to explain to Trey the concept of extinct species and fossil records, but once he saw the giant tusk fossils he was won over.

He finally seemed to understand the difference between herbivore and carnivore as he saw saber tooth cat fangs and mammoth molars side by side. He also began to grasp the concept of how fossils are created.

Most surprising to me was his interest in the art gallery portion of the museum. Normally he wants to rush through that area in order to see the more interactive and permanent exhibits. This time he took his time with me as we looked through theĀ Andrew Jackson Lyndon III collection on display. Of most interest were a William Segal painting that had an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Kenny in his “Yellow Cowboy” outfit and an original Pablo Picasso drawing that featured a naked devil holding a horse and sword fighting two other men in the nude. Should I be concerned that he was so fascinated by the latter?