EDventure Children’s Museum, Columbia, SC

On the last day of our family vacation (I guess I’ll be posting these backwards), we spent a whopping five hours* at EdVenture, the South’s largest children’s museum.

The museum’s most impressive feature is EDDIE┬«, “the world’s largest child.” He’s a 40 foot tall (100ft if he were standing) and 17.5 ton statue that you can climb inside and explore his anatomy (see video below). On a sidenote, Heidi figured his BMI is 17.1 making him grossly underweight. He really needs to see a physician.

Here are some photos and videos of our fun at EdVenture. We can’t recommend this place enough to other parents. If you are in or near Columbia, South Carolina definitely check it out!

*Note: I did take a 1 hour nap in the car while Heidi continued to chase Trey around the museum