TBC’s Annual Easter Festival

Heidi had a 24+ hour shift yesterday so I was very glad to have our church‘s annual Easter Festival at the lake to attend. It gave Trey some time to play with other kids – particularly Causey (have I mentioned that he has announced he will name his first born son after his “best buddy”?).

The children were entertained with various “activity stations” and then everyone ate their picnic lunches. Trey mooched a prepackaged “lunchables” off some friends. Maybe he’s tired of Daddy’s HFCSFOPB&LSAFJonWGB sandwiches (high-fructrose corn syrup free, organic peanut butter and low sugar, all-fruit jam on 100% whole grain bread).

After lunch, the kids gathered for an Easter story and some song singing while the adults hid the myriad of Easter eggs. When it came time to hunt for the eggs there were so many that they just littered the ground. Trey was more concerned with the challenge of the hunt and would walk by dozens in search of the more elusive ones.