Suri’s Birthday Party

One of our favorite restaurants in town is Phở Saigon, a Vietnamese noodle house (though they serve much more than just noodles). It’s great not just for the amazing food but for the fun Trey has there.

Bruce and Jane, the owners, have a daughter name Suri who is Trey’s age. When she isn’t in school, she is usually hanging out at the restaurant. She is always thrilled to see Trey and invites him to her playroom in the back.

Last year, we invited Suri to Trey’s 4th birthday party and they recently returned the favor and invited us to Suri’s 5th birthday this past Sunday. It turned out that Suri and her father share the same birthday and even birth time – so it was a double party. We assumed it would be a typical sing, eat cake, and open presents event – boy were we wrong!  The family had us join them for a feast of Vietnamese fried chicken, crawfish, sweet & sour beef stew, bubble tea, and more… oh, and of course birthday cake.

Being a Sunday afternoon, business in the restaurant was slow and the kids had a great time running around the place playing together. Heidi and I also enjoyed getting to know Bruce, Jane, and their friends and family even better.

All in all, a wonderful party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SURI!