Thank You, Dr. Smith

Trey went to see the eye doctor for that last time today. It was a final check up on his eye after the terrifying bungee cord eye injury he had last month.

The great news is that his eye is completely healed and the accident doesn’t seem to have affected his vision at all.

I’ve got to give props to Dr. Clayton Smith at Brown’s Eye Center in Macon for not only his expertise, but his concern for Trey’s well being. After the initial emergency visit (for which he stayed after hours without a single complaint), he had Trey come back numerous times in the days and weeks that followed so that he could check up on his progress.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first thinking it was a scheme to get us back in the door and back in our wallets (I was burnt by a sleazy Florida optometrist a few years ago and still haven’t recovered). The truth was that he was genuinely concerned about my son’s vision. He never charged us a dime for all the follow-up visits, when he very rightfully could have.

Best of all, his interaction with Trey was great and he really got Trey relaxed and comfortable. Even on the day of the accident he had Trey laughing and enjoying himself. Trey was actually excited each time I told him we had to go to the eye doctor again.

So a big thank you from Heidi and me to Brown’s Eye Center in Macon for the great service they provided us. Here’s a little note from Trey: