Thanksgiving in Sweetwater

Heidi was working the holiday so Trey and I went up to Sweetwater on our own this year. My parents and brother Philip were there when we arrived and my Uncle Charles and Aunt Beverly joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.

Trey passed a lot of the time wearing a Batman mask and watching a collection of 1940s Superman cartoons that we found. Due to his recent superhero obsession, my parents let him open a Christmas present that was a new Batman-themed hoodie – something he promptly put on to accompany his mask. I told him it was a “Thanksgiving present” and he was supposed to be thankful for it – he was.

My grandparents’ mental and physical health is degrading rapidly – they are, after all, both over 90 years old. Trey doesn’t really notice at his age but it is a fact that is tough on the rest of the family.

I’m always happy to photograph Trey interacting with his great-grandparents so that years and decades down the road he’ll have some reminders of his time with them. I was also glad to do a photo session with my own parents on the family farm. It’s about time that they get some professional photos of themselves!