Rainy Day Photoshoot

Having Trey around is a great way for me practice my photography skills. He is always a great subject (often challenging – in a good way) and I really have to credit him with the improvements  I’ve made over the past four years. He definitely gives me the opportunity to try new tricks and practice the skills I’ve learned.

Yesterday we had a summer storm that left mist lingering on the roads and waterways in our neighborhood. Heidi, Trey and I ran out to have some fun in the rain then as the mist slowly floated away I took all the photos below. I love these impromptu photoshoots because they give me a chance to experiment both in taking the photos and in post-production techniques.

For the camera geeks out there, all these were taken on a Canon 7D with a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. All post-processing done in Adobe Lightroom 3.

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