Trey has fun in the Jensens' neighbor's pool

Trey in Florida with the Grandparents

I’m currently in South Africa helping Baptist Press cover the World Cup and the ministries surrounding it. While I’m away Trey has been staying with his grandparents in St. Pete. Here’s a report for Nana Jensen:

Trey has fun in the Jensens' neighbor's poolWe finally pulled together a few photos of some of what Trey is doing. He is getting lots of exercise in the neighbor’s pool. He swims with Kenny, with me, and with Pappy. We’ve also got a couple shots of him in his climbing tree. Much of last weekend centered around the wedding that I played for. One special feature for Trey was that the Maid of Honor was a friend he made acquaintance with during his February visit, when he joined us for a Missions Council trip. Erin is the youngest member of the council, and he declared her to be his friend. After the wedding Saturday, he invited her for a movie date at our house on Sunday. They watched “Jungle Book” together J.

This week we have had more time in the pool, and today we went to the beach with his friend Forrest. Unfortunately we did not have a camera for that event.