Cherry Blossom Festival Pics

20100321-whaun-2010-cherry-blossom-0225I’m a bit late getting these up but here they are – photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival held a couple weeks ago. We didn’t attend nearly as many events as we did last year (I was busy preparing for the Mulberry St. Art Festival) but we did get to the fairgrounds at Central City Park at least once and we watched the big parade downtown. You can see some more of my parade photos on my web site.

20100321-whaun-2010-cherry-blossom-0362Trey really enjoyed watching the parade – the highlight of the parade were our sister cities’ floats – Ulyanovsk, Russia and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Our visit to the fairgrounds was a bit of a disappointment because they were no longer selling the Unlimited Rides passes. The money we had “budgeted” for Trey to enjoy got him about 7 rides instead of the infinite number we had hoped for. Nonetheless, we spread the rides out and he enjoyed them just as much.

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  1. mitzi

    you can thank the McBrides for treys love for guns! did we accidentally donate his first gun… the orange cap gun? he looks much more serious about it now!

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