A Visit to Fort Loudoun

20100322-whaun-fort-loudoun-9757Just up the road from my grandparents’ farm in Tennessee is Fort Loudown State Historic Park. Trey and I visited this 256-year-old fort while my dad was taking Peepaw and Grammaw to some doctor appointments.

The fort was a British colonial fort meant to solidify their alliance with the Cherokee Nation during the French and Indian War. In the end, the Cherokee were fed up with betrayal after betrayal and finally ran the Brits off and destroyed the fort.

It was a cold, windy day when Trey and I went and we were the only visitors there. Trey was a big fan of the replica canons around the fort and had a good time exploring all the buildings. We also watched a 15-minute documentary about the history of the fort and it was interesting enough to even keep Trey’s attention!

You can see some more photos from our visit on my website.