Photo Experiments in the Sun

20100308-whaun-reflector-in-woods-photoshoot-9352We’ve had what seems like a never ending spell of cold, wet weather. Last week the sun came out and warmed things up incredibly for one solid day. To cure our cabin fever Trey and I went hiking in the woods around our neighborhood. I brought my camera and Trey let me practice my technique with off-camera flash. Flash in bright sunlight sounds unnecessary, but it does a great job of cutting out harsh shadows on a subject’s face.

The last picture in the series below was taken by Trey himself. He’s showing a lot of promise as a photographer!

1 thought on “Photo Experiments in the Sun

  1. kenny

    these all look incredible, very effective, it all works together – extreme wide angle, bright flash to bring out foreground figure, minimal monochromatic background. i would love the full size versions of these. keep up the comping haun geniuses

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