I’m Gonna Hit God!

Trey has had a bit of a mean streak lately and it seems to be tied to a larger interest in exploring emotions. He gets very dramatic about things and exercise all 98 of his facial muscles. He loves to talk with grimaces and glares about how he is “upset”, “disappointed”, or “embarrassing” (embarrassed) and often I catch him making faces in the mirror.

This morning he wasn’t too keen on the rain outside because we got wet getting in&out of the car on they way to preschool. As we walked into the building this is the conversation we had.

“Daddy, when I get to heaven I’m gonna hit God!” he said with a scowl.

“Now why would you say that? We don’t hit our friends,” I replied .

Still frowning he answered “But He’s being mean. He’s making it rain on me.”

“Just because you don’t like the rain doesn’t mean you can hit Him. You should tell Him you are sorry,” I suggested.

The tone of his voice softened and with a bit of concern Trey then said “But He can’t hear me. He’s in heaven and that’s all the way in France.”

The Good News is that God forgives Trey (and the rest of us) when we have such bad, selfish attitudes towards Him. It’s also pretty good news that heaven isn’t in France.