Christmas Day 2009

Trey checks out the monster pack of Crayons his Uncle David and Aunt Brittany gave him.Every year Christmas Day is something completely different from the last for Trey. His first Christmas Day was spent quietly with us at home in Florida then we drove through TN to VA, the next was in Ghana away from all extended family, last year was in Florida with all of Heidi’s family, and this year was in Tennessee visiting Grammaw at a nursing home.

Before we headed over to see Grammaw we exchanged gifts at the Haun farm. Trey got a lot more presents than we expected so we held off our own gifts for him. We’ll give him those throughout the year as rewards for good behavior.

The nursing home wasn’t the ideal location for a family get-together. A TV was blaring, electronic alarms were beeping, and other residents interrupted our family time asking if we were their family. Grammaw hadn’t been of the best mental health lately and though she did very well that morning, she still didn’t talk much and was emotionally overwhelmed when we arrived an left.

However despite all those negative things, we know it meant a lot to her and my grandfather that we would visit them. Trey will also be able to look back on the experience and be reminded that our family