Umbrella Shoemount Goodness

umbrella-shoe-mountOne of the prizes I won at the GA Nat’l Fair was a $50 gift certificate to a local camera shop. Trey and I visited the shop and I picked out a little camera accessory called an “umbrella shoemount”. It is an adaptor of sorts that lets you take your flash off you camera and mount it on a tripod. You can also attach a reflective umbrella to it as well to diffuse the flash’s light even more.

A portrait of Heidi made with an off-camera flash, umbrella, and reflectorI tested it out at home that night with my lovely super model wife Heidi. The next day Trey and I took it with us to the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home and played with it some more.

I was really impressed with the lighting control and quality it gives my photos. I can’t wait to play with it more and I’m already getting the itch for a 2nd flash to really start to experiment with controlled light!

1 thought on “Umbrella Shoemount Goodness

  1. Nana / Mom

    Beautiful pictures! And I love Trey’s outfit.
    Can I have copies of those pictures?
    Love them.
    What ever you had to do to get them – you got great results with wonderful subjects 🙂

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