Weedon Island Preserve

Trey at Weedon Island PreserveBlog posts were sparse over the past two weeks since Trey was in Florida with his grandparents. I came down a few days before Thanksgiving and on Friday Trey and I went to pick Heidi up at the airport. On the way there we took a little detour over to Weedon Island. In the 5 years I lived in Florida I never had a chance to visit that State nature preserve.

We followed one of its main trails onto boardwalks that led into mangroves in Tampa Bay. It was a beautiful day and Trey was excited to see some kayakers making their way through the salt water swamps.

Trey was even more excited when we met Heidi at the airport. He hadn’t seen her in two weeks and let out quite a squeal of joy!

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  1. Grandaddy

    I remember a little boy who had been left for over a week with his grandparents while his parents went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. In the Atlanta airport on their return, he yelled “There’s my Momma!!” and started running just as fast as his little legs would carry him across the baggage claim area. His name was also Roger William Haun (II) and he was about the same age as Trey.

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