NFW’s “Your Big Backyard”

Wild Animal Baby magazineLast year my mom got Trey a subscription to the kid’s nature magazine “Wild Animal Baby“. The magazine is put out by the National Wildlife Federation (NFW) and is geared towards kids age 1 to 4.

NFW's Your Big Backyard magazineEach month we’d get a new issue and Trey was eager to read it. We’d always explain that the mail was “for him” from Granny Sarah; it made him feel really special that he was getting mail just like mommy & daddy. Plus, he like the magazines so much that they would often make it into his nightly rotation of bedtime books.

This month my mother upgraded Trey to the next NFW magazine for ages 3-7 – “My Big Backyard“. We got our first issue last week and it is perfect for the stage in development he is at. It has three animal stories and activities that he loves. The best one in this issue was a couple pages you cut out & fold together to “make your own little book”.¬† It is called “Monkey Business” and has 10 little pages about different monkeys around the world.

Trey shows of his "Little Book" he made from the activity in "My Big Backyard"I don’t do many product promotions on our blog (wait, what are all those Google ads doing¬† to the right there?), but this is one I highly recommend. The cost is $19.95/year for 10 issues and the profits go to the NFW whose “mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.”

Thanks Granny Sarah for entertaining & educating Trey with your gift!

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