Aunt Rachel’s Wedding

Trey, the ring bearer, his aunt Rachel's weddingTrey’s aunt Rachel (Heidi’s sister) got married this weekend at the Don Cesar Hotel in St. Pete Beach, FL. We were joined on the drive down by Heidi’s cousins Jeremy & Natalie Weber who attend Covenant College in Chattanooga, TN. The weekend was so crazy and packed full of activities that Trey’s normal morning, nap, and bedtime routines were completely gone. However, between the tired, grumpy spells Trey had TONS of fun.

Friday afternoon was the rehearsal on the beach and then we had a great dinner with the wedding party at the Jensens’ home. Trey really loved the attention he got from all the new faces.

On Saturday, the wedding took place just after sunset and Trey was dressed in a cute little outfit his great-aunt made (he looked like he was still on the set of “Get Low”). Trey was the ring bearer and performed his duties quite well. We sat on the front row during the ceremony (I was videoing) and Trey was very well behaved on Heidi’s lap (a stash of animal crackers helped out a lot).

Trey dancing with his aunt Rachel at her weddingThe real highlight of the weekend was at the reception after the wedding. Rachel and her husband Erin kick started the night of dancing with an incredible tango. Then Trey got into the party spirit when the Cuban jazz band started playing. As you can see in the video I posted, Trey loves to dance. As soon as he would wear out a dance partner, he’d find someone else to cut a rug with. He was going strong until we made him leave at midnight. I’m so glad that night we got to “turn the clock back” and get a much needed extra hour of sleep before driving back home the next morning.

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