Richmond Week 2

Here are a few photos of Trey that I took this week. His swimming skills have really improved since last year. He will dive off the side of the pool and doesn’t mind getting his face wet. I will take him to the pool again this coming week.

Also, I included a couple of pictures of Trey and Philip together. Trey is literally all over Philip much of the time. He crawls on him, “rides” him like a horse, sits on his lap, etc. Sometimes Trey gets a little rough with Philip, but Philip takes it like a man and doesn’t retaliate.

1 thought on “Richmond Week 2

  1. sarah

    Trey -I am glad that you had so much fun with your uncle, grandma and grandpa. You are awesome for being so honest with Kroger and those tempting little toys they put out there for little people like you. Very cool! I bet you can’t wait to see your mommy and daddy! I hope you have fun with the rest of your trip.

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