Trey in Richmond

Trey and Philip on the front porchTrey has adjusted easily to Philip’s schedule. He wakes up by 7:00 a.m. and is asleep before 9:00 p.m. He never gets tired of watching and waiting for Philip’s school bus. In fact, if we are riding around town, every time that Trey sees a school bus, he asks me if it’s Philip’s bus. Every morning Trey and Philip go outside and sit on the porch about 8:15. They play together on the glider for 10-15 minutes until the bus comes. Trey in Philip's busThe bus driver said that Trey could come up a couple of steps and look inside the bus. Trey was really excited about it.

Tonight Trey and I went on a walk around the big block after supper. When we stopped by our neighbor’s house next door, Trey went right in and asked if she had any toys! This is exactly what William would have done at the same age.

Trey on front porch with his uncle "Philo"It has been cloudy the last two days, so I haven’t started painting the fence. Trey is real eager to do it and keeps asking when we can start.

Today we watered the areas of the yard that have been recently seeded. And as always, Trey loved sweeping, so he basically pushed stuff around all over the brick patio.

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  1. Bobby Edge

    What a great looking young man. He is getting big, and looks like he’s building muscles dragging Dad around.

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