The Junior Photographer

Trey at Table Rock State Park in SC for the Esselburn wedding.Our friend Carla Smith went to boarding school with William in Cote d’Ivoire. She then joined us at Carson-Newman where she and Heidi became good friends and study partners. On Saturday, we went to Table Rock State Park in South Carolina for her wedding.

We brought a toy car to keep Trey occupied, but his favorite “toy” was mommy’s small digital camera. It kept him quiet and content, but I didn’t expect him to run the batteries completely down. Here are a few of the photos that Trey took. One of my favorites is his first self portrait, but I think we ended up with probably 20 self portraits once he figured out how to do it.

Trey's photo across the aisle.The photo from across the aisle was a great moment. As he stood there focusing the camera, many of the people noticed him and smiled. I told him that they were smiling for him. He looked sheepishly above the camera to see, and of course that made the people smile more. It’s the story that makes the photo.