The 3-year Dr. Visit

Heidi plays doctor with Trey as we wait for the nurse to arriveTrey hasn’t seen a doctor in over 18 months. There are several reasons for that: he hasn’t been sick much at all, he didn’t have any shots he needed, and he has a doctor for a mommy. However, the time came for him to get a second chicken pox shot and could use a general wellness checkup (Heidi also decided to give him a flu shot since we were already there and it didn’t cost us anything extra).

Heidi has been working/playing with Trey this past week to prepare him for his doctor visit. She bought him a Fisher Price kid’s doctor kit and each day she pretends to give him a checkup with the toys. Blood pressure, shots, checking lungs/heart, etc… Trey loved it and then would play doctor too. I had no idea how effective that preparation/playtime would be.

Trey prepares to give Heidi a shotWe headed to Primary Pediatrics near downtown Macon for his doctor’s visit. The place was packed with kids showing various flu symptoms. When we were called back to our room Heidi started playing doctor with Trey. Trey was comfortable with the nurses and doctor using their instruments on him when they came in. Most surprising was that he didn’t cry or even flinch when he got his shots! He was really thrilled when the nurse gave him a lollipop after his shots.

A special thanks to Dr. Cawley for making Trey feel really comfortable and to the nurse that did such an incredible job giving him two shots so quickly and painlessly! Let’s hope all future doctor’s office visits go this smoothly.