Warm Springs with the Grandparents

Trey at Little White House (again)My dad is a big history buff so I knew FDR’s Little White House in Warm Springs, GA was something he would love. It is Georgia’s most visited State Historic Site and rightly so as it has a great museum & facilities.

My brother Philip suffers from a disability that requires him to wear braces when he walks and he has to use a wheelchair when it comes to longer distances. It was neat to see the braces Roosevelt woreOne of FDR's leg braces from the 1930s in his day (the best of the best at that time) and compare them to those Philip had on today. Medical science has made leaps and bounds in the last 70 years and Philip is much more comfortable thanks to that! In fact, even his wheel chair is 100x better than those Roosevelt used – who’d have thought you could improve so much on the simple concept of “wheel+chair” so much.

Labor Day is the only time of year when the pools that Roosevelt used during his time at Warm Springs are filled. The last time we visited the pools were empty, but today they had crystal clear, warm, spring water in them. Philip & Trey listen to a video in the museumBoth Trey and Philip were very tempted to get in!

One advantage of having a Friends of Georgia State Parks membership is that you and 6 others get into any historic site for free. Today we saved $32 – that’s almost half of the cost of the annual membership! Don’t you want one?

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  1. Rosa Boyer

    William, I just finished the article and pictures on Warm Springs and the Little While House. I have not been there in years and I do mean years! Looks like they have improved/added to museum or else my memory is very bad. I actually went to Warm Springs Hospital as a patient a few times. I had polio when I was 14 months old, thankfully not a bad case. But I grew up wearing a brace on my left leg (below the knee). I went quarterly for a check up, initially there was a clinic at Emory (Warm Springs MD’s used space at Emory) and since I grew up in Atlanta that was very convenient. The last few years we had to go to Warm Springs. I’ll have to go again and check things out. Rosa Boyer

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