A Few Feverish Days

Trey breaks a smile in the woods despite being sick.You wouldn’t know it from this picture I took today, but our little Trey is sick and has a fever. For the past 4 days each of us has been hit by flu-like symptoms – fevers, aching, sinus problems, and coughs. Trey has had it the worst and the fever continues to linger. We’ve spent many hours just laying on the couch watching Thomas the Train and listening to books-on-tape.

Today Trey felt a little better (though he still has a fever and is very tired) so I took him out in the woods out back. Unfortunately he’s so weak that we spent only about 10 minutes out there and he was beat. Nonetheless, we saw some cool fungi and I got him to smile & laugh a little. After we got back inside he fell asleep on the couch for another 30 minute nap.