Bye Bye Forest

Heidi & Trey walk one of the trails at the Georgia Industrial Children's HomeOne of our favorite places to go for walks is the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home just a few miles from us. We found out about its great hiking trails from a Georgia mountain biking website. They have a forest farm with hundreds of acres of pines in perfectly symmetrical rows. Trey and I even made our little short film “Saving Medici’s Giraffe” in those woods.

The forest farm after loggingA few weeks ago we drove there and saw a sign that said “Closed for Logging.” This week we went back and found our favorite forest had been destroyed. They didn’t cut all the trees down but it still looks really bare.

As sad as we are to see the trees gone, this is a case of good tree cutting. These trees were planted for the express purpose of being logged once they were mature. By logging this tree farm, one of Georgia’s natural forests gets to stand. I believe video artist Jym Davis’ short film “Sarah in the Woods” best describes our feelings.

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  1. jym

    I’m glad I can help express your emotions. There is something visceral about seeing a field of forest cut down even if it is ethical. btw, remind me to tell you about Joyce Kilmer Forest in N.C. (near Fontana)….one of the only old growth forest in the Southeast.

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