Trey’s Third Day in France

Nicholas Darriet, William & Heidi on their way up Pic St. LoupOn Wednesday, while mommy and daddy went hiking up Pic Saint Loup with Frederic and Nicholas, Trey went to the aquarium with Madame Darriet. He had a blast.  When we finally returned from the hike, Trey burst into my room with such excitement. “Mommy, I went to the aquarium…and there was a biiiiiig shark.”

Boys climb on Trey's bedroom window during the running of the bulls in Pérols, France.That night the town was having another running of the bulls as part of a week long festival. Unfortunately for the Darriets, the bulls are run around their block. This means they are trapped in their house and can’t park their car in the street during the event. In the photo to the left, you can see 3 boys climbing on the closest window on the right – Trey was in that room and slept right through the racket the bulls & boys were making right outside.

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  1. Grandaddy

    Does this castle overlook the Rhone valley? The first time I went to France in May 1973, we had a pique nique at the ruins of a castle overlooking the Rhone valley as we drove south toward Marseille. It looks really familiar. Love, Daddy

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