Sprewell Bluff with the Joslins

The Flint River at Sprewell Bluff State Park (HDR image)The best Georgia State Park to visit that is under an hour’s drive from Macon is Sprewell Bluff. We took our visiting Minnesotan friends (the Joslins) there for a picnic and some fun in the Flint River.

Hugo and Trey had a blast in the water and the adults spent a lot of time stacking rocks (like we’ve done there before). Before leaving we hiked up to the lookout point to get a great view of the river bend as the sun started to go down.

1 thought on “Sprewell Bluff with the Joslins

  1. Jori Joslin

    I’m still not convinced that it was actually a river, because the water was so flipping warm!!! haha…good times.

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