1+1=Trey (3) –> 3 years

My baby boy turns 3 years old today. What an honor and a joy it has been to see him learn and grow and experience the world around him. He is inquisitive, rowdy, loving, agile, sweet, funny and simply the cutest kid ever. All the labor pains that it took to bring him into this world seem like mere scratches in comparison to the joy that he has brought us. Happy Birthday, Trey. We’ll pretend all the celebrating in Corsica is for you…and not for Napoleon.

We love you more than tongue can tell.

5 thoughts on “1+1=Trey (3) –> 3 years

  1. brett

    go get ’em trey, happy birthday to you sir! can’t wait to see the genius that the next three years bring 🙂

  2. Rachel L

    Happy belated Birthday Little Buddy! We love you. Get back to the States soon, ’cause there’s a little girl who’s been asking for you. I have explained that you (were) in France, but I might as well be saying you’re at the grocery store.

  3. Emily

    I can’t believe Trey’s three already! Please tell Trey happy 3rd birthday from the Hewitt’s. I hope you guys will come back to Nalerigu again. I hear there’s talk of a going away party for the Failes soon. Hint hint wink wink. 🙂 Mom says it’ll probably be in a week though. Which is really soon. 🙁 Benton’s birthday is next Thursday he’ll be nine. Miss you guys.

  4. sarah

    Trey I will never forget the night that I found out that your mommy and daddy were expecting you. I was sitting on our couch in our home in Seminole, FL and I just sobbed from joy. I knew your mommy wanted you so badly and finally you had been conceived. I was so excited for your parents because I knew what was coming (I had already had Providence by then) and I knew the love they would soon feel for you. Your parents are some, if not the most neat people I know and I am so thankful for their friendship. You are the CUTEST little boy I know and I hope someday (maybe) we can all live closer for a little while so that I can get to know the funny Trey we read about on 1 + 1=Trey (3). Love you buddy and I pray for you always.

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