To France and Beyond!

Today Trey and I are boarding a plane and headed to Montpellier, France to spend a week of vacation with Heidi and our friends the Darriet family. Next Sunday Heidi will return and Trey and i will head to the island of Corsica. We will spend a week there while I help a team out with a multimedia project.

In preparation for the flight I got Trey a Buzz Lightyear action figure which he really loves. Hopefully it will keep him occupied on the plane & ferry.

3 thoughts on “To France and Beyond!

  1. Emily

    I miss you guys. I hope you have a safe trip and a great time on your vacation in France! We’re in Accra for our vacation.

  2. Sarah

    Hey glad to hear you guys are safe. Eat some delicious food for the Span’s. Just in case you only get this message before Trey’s b-day, Happy Birthday Trey!!! You are one of a kind -just like your mama and dada. Love you from Jerry, Sarah, Providence and Autumn.

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