Trey’s Squirrel Vendetta

So you’ve seen that sweet, adorable side of Trey – now for the other side. In this video he explains his deep hatred for squirrels and what he wants to do to them.

5 thoughts on “Trey’s Squirrel Vendetta

  1. Jonathan

    William – your sense of humor really shines in this video. I love the way you worded the on screen intro and the added subtitles are great. Trey cracks me up man. Thanks for sharing this funny story.

  2. Jamie

    You don’t mess with a toddler’s bird house man!!! hahah!!! Love the music in the backgound. you captured the mood perfectly! What a great way to start my Friday. Thanks,

  3. Amanda

    This was hysterical! I don’t think the sentiment abates as we get older, either. Thanks for a great laugh.

  4. mitzi

    I’m just glad Zack could have a positive influence on Trey when we visited. That gun looks awefully familiar!! Bang Bang!!

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