The Joslins Come to Town!

William & Aaron in 1997 in Cote d'IvoireAaron Joslin was my best friend in high school and my roommate for 3 years at boarding school. We’ve kept in touch over the years since then and Heidi and I attended Aaron & Jori’s wedding in 2002. Jori also went to boarding school with me and I’ve known her since 3rd grade!

Aaron and Jori now live in Minnesota and have a son named Hugo William Joslin who is just a couple months younger than Trey. Jori & William in their 3rd grade yearbook from ICAAaron had some vacation time and they decided to come down to Georgia to experience some real summer weather.

Hugo and Trey get to hang out and play for the week and I’ll give them a tour of Middle Georgia. On their first day here, we took them down to Lake Wildwood to feed the ducks.