State Park Panoramas

During our state park tour I took lots of panoramic photos of the sites and scenery. Each panoramic image is made up of anywhere from 5 to 60+ individual photos that are “stitched” together using imaging software. The end result is a huge, high resolution photo that has a lot of detail.

For kicks you can do a sort of “Where’s Waldo Trey” and look for his little head in some of the giant images.

Click the image above to launch a new browser window with an interactive image viewer that will let you pan across the photos by moving your mouse left & right.

1 thought on “State Park Panoramas

  1. Nana / Mom

    William, you do beautiful work.
    Trey is going to grow up thinking that all kids travel around having fun all the time, and wear costumes and hide in bushes ???
    Looks like fun!

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