Bobby Brown State Park

A pier reached out into Clarks Hill Lake at Bobby Brown State ParkBobby Brown State Park is located on Clarks Hill Lake (also known as Lake Strom Thurman, but more on that in my next park post) and is a popular spot for camping and fishing. We hiked a nature trail that went across a cool swinging bridge and around a cove. On the walk we saw a huge water moccasin but I didn’t have my zoom lens to get a cool shot (shame on me!).

A flower in a cove below the swinging bridgeAfter hiking we cooled off in the lake and Trey had  a great time watching other families bring their boats & jet skis in and out of the water at the boat ramp (I really think he wanted to ride on one of those jet skis).

I spent a ridiculous amount of time photographing a spider that had a web on a reed in the water 20 feet from shore (how did he get out there?!). I’m very thankful for a patient and understanding wife who lets me obsess over things like that. A spider I found on a reed in the water, far from the shoreI think it was worth it because I got a cool set of images from it.

This park has been another victim of our current economic crisis. Like Hart State Park, it was recently changed to a State Outdoor Recreation Area. I hope that in a couple years, the park service is able to re-open these parks.