3 thoughts on “State Park Cookout Invitation

  1. Grandaddy

    Congratulations! What an achievement – that’s a LOT of trips. The state ought to give you some kind of award and use your video as part of their publicity!

  2. Amanda

    Congrats guys! What a fantastic journey to watch from across the country. I am excited to see what the next season brings.

  3. Tom Mills from Family on the Go

    Congrats on your achievement. Of course, you’ve seen some of Georgia’s greatest places, so you and Trey have gotten some great memories. My family and I did 30 parks in 30 days last June. Check out our YouTube Channel at youtube.com/familyonthego. I’m still working on the videos. Thanks for helping promote the Parks, you truly know what a great State Park System Georgia has to offer.

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