Daddy Gets a New Toy

I bought a new lens for my camera today from a guy via Craig’s List. When I came home I showed Trey the box and asked him “Do you know what’s in here?” “A toy!” he replied. And he’s basically right. Though I’ll use the lens for work, I love photography so much that it is basically a new toy for me to play with.

So play we did! Here are some pictures I took on our walk to the lake this afternoon and around the house.

Heidi and Trey at Lake Wildwood at sunset (HDR image)

Heidi and Trey on the dock at Lake Wildwood

Heidi reads to Trey while he is on the pottie. You can see what a wide angle my new lens gives me.

Trey plays with blocks in the living roomA self-portrait of daddy with Trey giving him some love