James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park

James H. "Sloppy" Flyod State Park on a cloudy day (HDR)We’re running out of time! 12 more parks to visit and only 5 weeks left until our self-imposed deadline. We’re cramming to visit them all so this weekend was another roadtrip to see several parks. We hit John Tanner first, then passed by James Floyd on our way north to Cloudland Canyon.

We had hoped to camp at James Floyd, but when we arrived the campground was already full (it hadn’t realized how busy the campgrounds are on Friday nights). Trey on a merry-go-round at James Floyd State ParkInstead we walked around the lake and played on the playground before continuing north where we got a cheap motel room for the night.

You may notice in some of our recent photos of Trey that he has a red stripe on his chin. He recently fell while running in our driveway and got a perfect vertical scratch up his chin. It is so perfectly straight and centered that it looks fake – as if we drew it on there.

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