Trey Scores a Short Film

Trey is a regular star in my little movies, but for this one he also assumed the role of composer. Trey created the entire score to this flick using Brian Eno’s “Bloom” iPhone app.

We filmed this in March at the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home, a place that has become own of our favorites to visit. That evening my camcorder broke and I was unable to download the footage to my computer to edit. It took the manufacturer 2 months to repair it and I just finished editing it. Trey looks so much younger in this footage and it is only 3 months ago!

Medici was an Italian politician in the late 1400s who brought Europe their first giraffe (technically Caesar brought one in 46 BC but he had it killed by lions in the coliseum). Medici showed it off in Florence for a while but it died shortly after its arrival. They were keeping it in a horse stable and it caught its head in the rafters and broke its neck. See why Trey needed to save it?!

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  1. Lee PEck

    William and Heidi
    Really enjoyed Trey’s little movie!! Good choice of sound track too.

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