Fort Yargo State Park

The history of Fort YargoHaving lived in all sorts of different places (and even continents) growing up, it’s hard to define a specific town as my hometown. If I had to choose one in the US it would be Winder, GA. I lived there until age 4, then returned in 4th grade and 9th grade. Fort Yargo is inside the city limits right near downtown and I remember going there when I was a kid.

We stopped by on the way back from Helen, GA and were disappointed to find all the trails (yes, all 18 miles of trails) were closed due to the excessive rain. The only trail we were allowed to walk was the still-under-construction, paved, ADA approved path. We walked the short trail to and observation deck that looks out over the lake and Trey got to see some turtles and a snake. After some fun on the playground, we headed over to the old fort (which is just a little cabin) before heading home.