Unicoi State Park

Trey plays on the playground at Unicoi State Park in Helen, GAHelen, GA likes to advertise itself as an “alpine mountain village” and when you drive into the little town the first thing you notice is that all the buildings are designed in south-German style. Turns out the town used to rely on the logging industry and as that source of income declined they re-invented themselves as a replica of a Bavarian town in the Alps.

A brook that flows from the mountains into Unicoi Lake at Unicoi State Park in Helen, GAWe didn’t visit Helen for its Bavarian facades (pun!) but for Unicoi State Park which is just outside of town. We let Trey get some playground time and then we did the 2.5 mile hike around Unicoi Lake and its dam. It was a cool 60 degrees out and perfect for for a long walk.

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