Fun with Allister

trey-and-allister-01This afternoon we drove up to Atlanta to hang out with Rachel and Allister Lowery. Mike is out of town with some of his SCAD students in NYC so we figured we’d go keep them company.

It was a great overcast day that made for perfectly lit photos. Allister was fascinated with the balloons we trey-and-allister-02brought her as well as the animal face hats we had. She lost the first balloon (“reach it, reach it”) but thankfully we had a backup! Trey pretty much stuck to riding Allister’s bicycle – man does he love that thing. We got him one last year for his birthday but he was way too short for it. Maybe we’ll pull it back down from the attic when he turns 3?

1 thought on “Fun with Allister

  1. Sarah

    It would be so neat if Allister and Trey do get married b/c they would have the best slide show ever. Like the serious conversation going on between the adult animals!

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