Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park

gordonia-alatamaha-01Sorry Reidsville, GA – your park is pretty lame.

This small park is located in the town of Reidsville and has a swimming pool (was closed), a 9-hole golf course (not even 18? come on!), a playground, no history behind it, no landmarks, and not even a nature trail. Shouldn’t this be a city park? Definitely not up to state park caliber.

We picnicked on the playground then walked over to the lake and checked out the lily pads. Then we drove home.

**UPDATE** I take back my golf course comment. Apparently, they just expanded it to 18 holes. Couldn’t they have at least added a nature trail? Take a machete, hack a path through the woods, put up a sign, and TADA! – a nature trail.

2 thoughts on “Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park

  1. stephanie

    just wanted to let you know the park is opening a new group shelter and splash pad (the pool was taken out bc of new state rules), the golf is now 18 hole, with a new mini golf course. always check back, things are always changing for the better 🙂

    …oh, and yes, they now have a nature trail

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