Trey & the Paterpillars

Our yard has been overrun by caterpillars these past few weeks. Trey loves to pick them up and befriend them. Some have been forced to listen to him read stories to them. Others have had to watch him go to the bathroom (he sets them on the back of the toilet when he pees). Most just end up in an old empty aquarium where I make sure they have enough leaves to munch on. So far, we’ve got 6 cocoons in there and I’m excited about Trey getting to see their transformation into butterflies (though Heidi rightly pointed out that we might just end up with a bunch of moths).

Here’s a video I put together with some footage I shot of Trey playing on the deck a few weeks ago.

Music by Atlas Sound from their FREE Virtual 7″ entitled “Time Warp”. Download it for yourself over at their blog.